Vascular Malformations

Vascular malformations can be very difficult lesions to treat successfully and may be associated with poor outcomes or complication from any treatment, if treated poorly.

Associate Professor Stuart Lyon has significant experience in treating these lesions over the past fifteen years. A multidisciplinary approach and wide range of management options are important. The work up of these lesions, including imaging and clear management goals is essential.

Vascular malformations are abnormal growths and communications between vascular structures, usually arteries and veins, but sometimes lymphatics. They may present with pain, cosmetic issues or occasionally dysfunction. The majority are asymptomatic and usually do not require treatment. Work up of the vascular malformation is important to define the risk to benefit of any treatment. Treatment includes consultation/counselling, medical therapies and pain management, embolization and sclerosis and/or surgery.

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Below is CT scan showing a low flow malformation in the calf causing pain. This was treated after consultation with embolization (dehydrated alcohol).