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21st October 2014

New therapy may shrink enlarged prostate with fewer side effects.

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A new noninvasive procedure may bring long-term relief from symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate, a new study suggests.


In this article appearing on, Prostate Artery Embolisation is discussed as a potential alternative to surgery for an enlarged prostate. Enlarged prostate affects more than half of men by age 60 and causes symptoms such as frequent urination, weak urine stream and a persistent feeling of having to urinate.


However, experts agree that more study is needed. Dr Manish Vira, Director of the Fellowship Program in Urologic Oncology in New Hyde Park, NY, states "the results are especially significant given the very low complication rate and no incontinence. If these results are replicated in the ongoing US trials, then prostate artery embolisation will become an attractive treatment option for men with enlarged prostate who have not responded well to other treaments".  


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